About the Auditor of Public Accounts

The APA serves Virginia citizens and decision-makers by providing unbiased, accurate information and sound recommendations to improve accountability and financial management of public funds. In fulfilling its mission, APA commits to:
  • Completing comprehensive financial and operational audits;
  • Conducting effective and efficient operations;
  • Being objective, independent and impartial;
  • Focusing on value-added improvements;
  • Using cutting-edge tools; and
  • Taking a proactive approach.
The Auditor of Public Accounts is part of the legislative branch of Virginia government and reports through the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC) of the General Assembly. This structure provides independence from the executive and judicial branch agencies we audit. Article IV Section 18 of the Constitution of Virginia established the Auditor of Public Accounts and Code of Virginia §30-130 through §30-142 sets forth the requirements of the Office. We adopted a 5 year strategic plan in 2010 that we use to guide our work.

History of the APA (Click here for more information)