Annual Data Request Survey Overview

The Auditor of Public Accounts needs your assistance to ensure we have accurate information on file for all localities. Please download your locality’s data request survey form, review the information shown and update for any corrections or additions for the fiscal year and currently. If you need additional space, you can include information on the “Extra Notes” section at the bottom of the form or send in a reply e-mail. Most of the preprinted information is based on the prior year's survey or subsequent data received in our office.

Please contact all necessary individuals to fully complete the survey form and return it to the APA Local Government Manager. Please e-mail the completed survey file to or fax a copy to 804.786.5593.

If applicable, your survey form may show that the APA does not have a current auditing services contract on file for your locality. The Auditor of Public Accounts requires local governments to file their audit contract with the APA. Please also send a copy of your contract for the current fiscal year audit to the APA Local Government Manager. We prefer to receive an electronic copy, but will accept printed documents faxed to our office.